Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Do You Need a Painter?

Do you need a painter?  How about an electrician or a computer expert?  We can help you find who you need.  We have a group of trusted individuals who represent a varity of careers and jobs, that we reccomend to solve your household, financial, personal and business needs. 

Come in to see us and we will be glad to give you their business card or their contact information.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trick or Treat?

Halloween is just around the corner.....do you deserve a Trick or a Treat?  Treat yourself to new flooring!  We have carpet, carpet tiles, solid wood flooring, engineered, laminate, sheet vinyl, tile, recycled rubber tiles, etc.

Come in today and Treat yourself to new flooring!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chelsea Plank Flooring - A Michigan manufactured product

We are so excited to be a Chelsea Plank Flooring distributor.  http://www.plankflooring.com/

This hardwood flooring is produced by Frame Hardwoods in Chelsea, Michigan.  They purchase all of their lumber from sources located on the North American continent within 300 miles of their facility!  They do not import any raw materials from foreign countries.  In addition all of their employees are citizens of the United States.

Their are proud of their Pattern Plank flooring.  This flooring gets its name from using different width planks in the same room. The most common pattern is a repeating pattern of 3"-4"-5".  The best way to see the natural beauty and individual features of each board are to "show" as much of the board as possible. Narrow strips are more of a production item that converts low-grade lumber into a usable product. Wide plank floors are made to "show off" the face of the wood. Each plank is unique and has it's own features and grain patterns that are distinct.

Please stop by Classic Carpet and Floor Covering (www.classiccarpetandfloorcovering.com) to see our complete selection of Chelsea Plank Flooring.


Meet the Flooring Expert - Ted Kuderko

Ted Kuderko has owned and operated Classic Carpet and Floor Covering in Howell, Mi. (www.classiccarpetandfloorcovering.com) since 1986.  When choosing the best flooring for your home or office more than color and style are involved.  Considerations such as surfaces, cost, wearability, moisture resistance, eco-friendly products and types of construction are just some of the needs that should be part of the decision process.  Ted will help you make decisions you did not even know you needed to make.  He is an encyclopedia of flooring knowledge.

Ted continues to educate himself by keeping up with the latest industry innovations, attending seminars, touring production sites and more.  In addition to his flooring knowledge he is a licensed contractor and has been in the carpet cleaning business for over 30 years.   This unique combination of building and flooring expertise makes Ted your personal flooring expert.

Come by and meet your personal flooring expert, Ted Kuderko.  You will not want to go anywhere else for your flooring needs.