Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Just Arrived CAMO Carpet for our Community of Hunters

Classic Carpet likes to satisfy all of our customers…even the Courageous and Determined Hunters.

Did you know when farmers and settlers moved into southern Michigan, deer were exterminated by removal of cover and by unregulated shooting - deer were mostly gone by 1870. Logging of forests in the north produced an opposite effect--more openings, brush, and young forests - the northern herd climbed to estimated 1 million deer in the 1880s.

As railroads were developed and provided access into the wilderness, market hunters slaughtered hundreds of thousands of deer. Early measures to control market hunting were not very successful, but finally in 1895 a law, which really marked the beginning of deer management in Michigan, established a deer hunting season and limited the number of deer that could be harvested.

Classic Carpet wants our customers to have the relaxing effect of hunting brought into your home.  We have a selection of Camouflage Carpet. 

 “CAMO BY Milliken”

This carpet next to a Hardwood floor or in your den or basement would complement the outdoorsy, rustic décor in you home.

Come visit us or call us for a home visit and we will gladly show you the many selections and options we have.

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